Sunny Festival of Reading

Hi Sisters and Misters! It was a very warm and sunny day in St. Pete at the Tampa Bay Festival of Reading with the Citrus Crime Writers, a Central Florida chapter of Sisters in Crime. Great day to meet readers, fellow writers and book dealers at USF’s campus. Thanks to chapter president Kat Lopez, social media contributor, Bridges DelPonte, and fellow writer Martha Geaney for helping to staff our booth!


Booking to St. Pete

A Message from Chapter President Kat Lopez:
The Citrus Crime Writers chapter will have a booth at the Tampa Bay Festival of Reading Saturday, November 11 in St. Petersburg, FL.  This is a chapter booth which opens it to all our members to attend.  The cost of the booth will be reimbursed by SinC so ultimately there is no cost to the chapter!
For those interested in attending, please let me know (  I would like some members of the chapter to be able to attend and promote themselves at the festival.  Check your schedules and let me know if you can attend.  The booth can accommodate a few people at a time, but only provides two chairs.  If we have a lot of attendance, we may have to develop a schedule.  This is a very large event that has been successful for me in the past when I have gone by myself.
If you cannot make it and would like the chapter to promote you and your work, contact me as well.  We can still promote you at the event with whatever you can send to us (swag, books, etc.).  If you would like us to promote or sell your releases at the event, you must let me know soon (to accommodate you sending me a limited number of your books or swag).
I do not have the booth location just yet and should be receiving that information shortly.  The book festival has a very large attendance and is great for selling and signing your books.  I hope you can make it out to the event if not for the whole time, but for a few hours.  I look forward to hearing from you.

CCW SinC Chapter- July Meeting

A Message from our Chapter President


Our next chapter meeting is scheduled for Sunday, July 16 at the Alafaya Library Branch (Alafaya Public Library, 12000 E Colonial Dr., Orlando, FL 32826) from 4:15-5:15 pm.  This meeting will be an hour as it was last month due to their summer activities schedule.  This means that there will be no guest speaker at this meeting due to the time constraints.  We do have other chapter business to discuss, such as what progress we have made regarding business status, banking information, and marketing/communication channels in the way of promotion of the chapter to include obtaining guest speakers or site visits for the chapter.

It had been discussed at previous meetings about obtaining a chapter booth at this year’s Tampa Bay Times Festival of Reading.  This is a large event and one I have gone to for the past two years.  This year I have submitted an application in the chapters name for the event and submitted a grant to the national organization to pay for our attendance.  They have already reviewed the application and contacted me about adding in marketing swag for our chapter as well to our submission.  I would like to discuss those suggestions at our meeting.

Regarding the actual event, the festival is November 11 on the USF campus in St. Petersburg.  All chapter members are invited to participate whether being present at the event or by sending items to represent them if they cannot make it.    I send out a follow up email after our meeting outlining the event information, details of what the chapter discussed regarding chapter swag, as well as participation in any form for the upcoming event.

Please check our Facebook and WordPress pages for updates to the chapter as we continue to grow.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  Hope to see you next week or hear from you soon.  Kat Lopez, Chapter President

May Meeting – Of Logos & Copyright

Hi all.  The Citrus Crime Writers are meeting this Sunday–on a spacious Orlando lanai, of course.  Come help us plan for chapter activities, including finalizing our logo, joining fun committees, and hearing from a local law professor about copyright basics for authors.  Hope to see you there!

Date/Time of Meeting: May 21, 3:30pm to 5:30pm.

Meeting Location – Anthony Awtrey’s home: 16215 Birchwood Way, Orlando, FL 32828. (Gate code: #2820)



– Financial Business – establishing an EIN and bank account

– Formation of committees – generate a plan to actively formalize committee groups

– Create and maintain meeting location list

– Logo discussion – collect all feedback and finalize logo

– Festival participation – generate a list of all potential book festivals; discuss SinC funding opportunities

– Bridges DelPonte presentation on The Basics of Copyright for Authors