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Booking to St. Pete

A Message from Chapter President Kat Lopez:
The Citrus Crime Writers chapter will have a booth at the Tampa Bay Festival of Reading Saturday, November 11 in St. Petersburg, FL.  This is a chapter booth which opens it to all our members to attend.  The cost of the booth will be reimbursed by SinC so ultimately there is no cost to the chapter!
For those interested in attending, please let me know (  I would like some members of the chapter to be able to attend and promote themselves at the festival.  Check your schedules and let me know if you can attend.  The booth can accommodate a few people at a time, but only provides two chairs.  If we have a lot of attendance, we may have to develop a schedule.  This is a very large event that has been successful for me in the past when I have gone by myself.
If you cannot make it and would like the chapter to promote you and your work, contact me as well.  We can still promote you at the event with whatever you can send to us (swag, books, etc.).  If you would like us to promote or sell your releases at the event, you must let me know soon (to accommodate you sending me a limited number of your books or swag).
I do not have the booth location just yet and should be receiving that information shortly.  The book festival has a very large attendance and is great for selling and signing your books.  I hope you can make it out to the event if not for the whole time, but for a few hours.  I look forward to hearing from you.

CCW President Chosen for Authors in Schools Program

716rbgeiqpl__ux250_CCW President, Kathleen (“Kat”) Lopez, has been selected as a featured author in the Amelia Island Book Festival’s Authors in Schools program in February 2017. She will be one of 21 participating authors–both indie writers and notable authors, such as R. L. Stine.  The program brings published authors to students across each of the 16 Nassau County Public schools.  Corporate and private donations along with grant funding help promote this program year-to-year, help buy the books of the selected authors, and gives students a chance to meet the authors.  The students keep the books as well as memories of the special event conducted at their school. Kat will be meeting with the students from Hilliard Middle-High School.  Congratulations on this terrific honor, Kat!

For more information about the program or the festival itself, check out their website at


It’s Official!!!

Just prior to the holiday season, Citrus Crime Writers received the paperwork to recognize us as a new Sisters in Crime Inc. (SinC) chapter. Our chapter president, Kathleen Lopez, signed and returned the formalized charter and started the process of getting our new chapter visibility with the national organization. The formation of an Executive Committee has been completed and we will be meeting soon to further outline the fledgling chapter’s goals. We will start to align ourselves with local resources and, with the assistance of the national organization, will begin the business of being a SinC chapter.

Our goal is to be a more mobile chapter. We will be “based” out of Orlando, but plan to reach out to our membership across Central Florida. Central Florida is practically coast-to-coast so that incorporates a lot of ground and people! We are acutely aware that it is hard to travel 1-2 hours to attend a 1-2 hour meeting. To accommodate our membership, we’ll be gathering information from our members about possible meeting locations. We’ll also be working with our members to develop a monthly calendar with various speakers and informational sessions to improve our writing and our craft, in general. So let us know about your ideas so we can get started!

Citrus Crime Writer Guest Blogs about Diversity in Mysteries

Hi all. Today CCW’s Bridges DelPonte is guest blogging with the Ladies of Mystery about key writing tips on creating more diverse voices and situations in our mysteries. She discusses her new Marguerite Montez Mystery series about a homicide prosecutor in the tight knit Portuguese community of East Cambridge, MA. Thanks to the LoM for giving our local mystery writer the opportunity to discuss the important topic of “transcultural” writing.

Diverse Voices in our Mysteries